It’s a wonder herb that combines a number of very key ingredients to come up with a solution to many of the challenges we face in this side of the world & globally as well. Ruzu herbal bitters is 100% natural!

How can it do so mny things? Well is acts as a detoxifier, cleansing the body of the toxins in our system from what we eat, drink , breath in etc

This is from a friend…..

didn’t get her pregnant !!!

In recent months, I have witnessed numerous testimonies with Ruzu herbal bitter, as a leader of a sizeable team, testimonies have become such a daily occurrence that it feels unnecessary to post each one. But on this one particularly, I realised that there will be a good number of people that could be denied having a similar testimony if I fail to share it so I decided to.
Ngozi has been my friend for a while now and even though she had heard about Ruzu from a number of people before me, she felt that all that people had to say about it was just hype and not really true. Her husband had also had a bottle of Ruzu which she claimed didn’t do more than just purge him a few times and though he liked what Ruzu had done to him, she still stood with her opinion that Ruzu was all hype.

One day, she told me how difficult it was for her to conceive her first child, a lovely girl of about 27 months now. She had Hormonal imbalances and that meant she had to take medications and injections for 8 months before she could conceive. She also had to go through a process called HSG which she claimed was a very painful procedure. to cut the story short, she had her first Baby and was now hopping to start the procedure again in January for her second baby.
It was sometime in October, I decided to give her the fist bottle of ruzu after the day she told me that sometimes her menstrual flow takes 8 months since the previous one before it comes again and that if Ruzu works she will be a believer and sell the product passionately. I was happy because at that very point I knew I had a business partner. Ruzu has given me no reason to doubt its efficacy in all the years i have known the product so there was nothing to worry about.
A few weeks latter, I decided to follow her up and she told me ‘Kunle it looks like that your Ruzu thing is working, I just saw my flow this morning’. Continue I replied. I was visibly happy but she said to me immediately ‘don’t be happy yet, I am still observing’. I left her for about 3 weeks and asked again, how is Ruzu? she told me the first bottle was finished and that she needed a second bottle this time she was willing to pay (winks). She got her second bottle and somewhere half way, she stopped taking it. that was just last week.

I came again for my regular followup and this time, she told me her husband had asked her to stop Ruzu for a while due to the numerous changes they had noticed in her body system. All the while she kept up her hope that Ruzu could work because she didn’t want to go through the medications, injections and painful process of HSG again. She also hoped that she will have the privilege of carrying her second baby soon.
On Sunday, Yes just 3 days ago, Ngozi sent me a message in excitement on her way from the Lab. Ruzu worked, sceptic turned believer. I was super excited. First, because I had been tool in Gods hand to bless a family and help lives, and secondly, I now have a super gingered believer in Ruzu and i am going to be rewarded for that. The following day, I got a call from her Doctor asking me to supply 5 bottles. Now the discussion is : how Ruzu will reach the thousands of Women the Doctor has access to and who need the product. I am super excited.

Don’t wave that back pain aside. It’s more deadly than you think!!!

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work.
You don’t want to have lingering back aches. You need to nip it in the bud! Here’s what someone had to share about her son’s frequent backaches:

“My son had been complaining of backache for sometime now, we changed his mattress and made sure he didn’t carry heavy backpacks but the pain persisted. I just took this small thing out from my helping lives power pack and rubbed on his back after his evening bath and after 30mins, he confirmed that the pains had disappeared. (Shared by Mrs Popoola, Lagos)

Wow! What was this ‘small thing’ she rubbed on her son’s back? It was the RUZU HERBAL BALM. Not only mild on the skin, it’s brutal on back and joint pains. You don’t want to waste time in getting the RUZU power pack of goodies!

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