Just Because…..
Just because I’m black
does not mean i can’t prefer “Wonderwall” to “Hard Knocked Life”
or have to love everything Spike Lee has ever done

Just because I’m of African origin
does not mean i know everything happening on the continent

Just because I’m a man
does not mean i have a one track mind

Just because you are beautiful
does not mean i want to “hit that” because i start a conversation

Just because I’m being nice
does not mean that i have hidden intentions

Just because i’m a man of faith
does not mean that i lack intellectual insight on issues

Just because I’m male
does not mean i indulge in Hugh Hefner type products

Just because I’m composed on the outside
does not mean I’m not broken on the inside

Just because i seem unmoved
does not mean that i don’t bruise easily(like a grape)

Just because I’m a porcupine on the outside
hides the fact that I’m a marshmallow on the inside

Just because I’m Asian
does not mean that i can quote Sun Tu

Just because I’m beautiful
does not mean i don’t have insecurities

Just because I’m vivacious
hides the fact I’m overtly self conscious

Just because i’m a rapper
does not mean i don’t appreciate Plato,Aristotle,Homer’s Iliad

Just because i’m wearing a hoodie in your shop
does not mean i have nefarious intentions…it’s cold out there

Just because i’m white and i have a skin haircut
does not mean i’m a a hooligan or prejudiced

Just because i dress grungy
does not mean i’m not well read and enlightened

Just because i’m not conversing actively
does not mean i’m not listening to every word you say

Just because i have my own hopes and dreams
does not means i’m blind to or can’t support yours

Just because i bring the romance to our relationship
does not mean i don’t want to be treated too…guys need it too..

Just because I’m a geek
does not mean i can’t break my foot off in ………

Just because i’m mild mannered Clark Kent on the outside
there just might be a Superman (or Freakzoid) in cryo-stasis within

Just because I’m Latino
does not mean you can sing La Cucaracha, when i enter the room

Just because I’m tall and happen to be black
does not mean i like to play basketball, i may play classical piano

Just because i put a smile on my face
does not mean i don’t have troubling things on my mind

Just because I’m financially comfortable
does not mean i have achieved it all

Just because I’m educated
does not mean i don’t still have a lot to learn

Just because i “demo” a lot
just hides the real me that is scared and shy

Just because i write issues on life
does not mean i have it all figured out

just because


It’s sad

It’s sad that in the internet age with information just a click away people are still so ignorant about the world beyond their state borders,nations shores.

It’s sad that we live in a world that fights for animal right and the life of the planet and then turns around for the right to slaughter unborn children

It’s sad that the well embraced “forward liberal thinking” contributes daily to the moral decay and decline of society

It’s sad that self discipline is loathed and derided but the repercussions of “freedom”/free living ,daily lie unwanted and lonely in incubators and racked in pain on dying beds.

It’s sad that intelligent design is mocked as dismissed as fantasy of fools yet the geniuses believe the intricacies of the human being and nature came from an explosion.

it’s sad that though we all want to go to Heaven some of us don’t want God to be there when we get there. It’s sad that so many diversions,distractions and road side attractions have taken so many off the straight and narrow.

It’s sad that in a “usual suspects: type line up there is no clear distinction in the dressing of those of faith and those that know no faith

It’s sad that you can see just as much cleavage in the church as u do in the club It’s sad that you can hear just as much “i tapped that …… last night” in the congregation as you do in the locker room

It’s sad that such a wonderful act of love has been trivialized into a cure for boredom/ casual recreation.

It’s sad that a nation rewards teenage pregnancy with a flat and an allowance but allows pensioners and retirees to get back in the 9 to 5 grind to survive

It’s sad that sometimes we truly sincerely believe we are right about something but “there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but in the end leads to destruction”

It’s sad that instead of having a ripple effect on the world the household of faith has become a vacuum.

It is sad that the desperation for one’s “other half” leads many on the path of self, emotional and sometimes eternal destruction

It’s sad that instead for equilibrium in and from a partner we’ve been programmed to search for an incomplete “other half”

It’s sad that greed, ignorance and long term myopia stops a nation with so much potential from waking up from slumber and economic mediocrity

It’s sad that the negative and stereotypical image a race hates so much is perpetuated in the music and movies by their own people.

It’s sad that the media has brain washed us with the “have ……and then be……..” mentality instead of teaching us the reverse.

It’s sad that the circle of what is considered “socially acceptable” is frightfully ever increasing and encompassing as each new human whim or indulgence appears

the instruction manual

Finally gave in and become a citizen of  The ‘Pod nation’ the other day. Like most people i eagerly and somewhat impatiently opened the package to reveal my purchase, my latest “asset” . I plunged straight into the device , prodding and poking , trying madly to figure it out . For quite a while an illustration appeared on the screen which i tried to follow, but the darn thing was still not working. I pushed, prodded , pulled and tugged still nothing. I decided to call one of my tech savy friends and he gave moi a few tips. Tried them out but they did not work for me the same they had worked for him. I decided to check the site and even google it , but some reason those free downloads looked a bit dodgy , so i skipped them.

It then occurred to me to look at the manual, which i had ignored or not even acknowledged. The manual gave a simple instruction which i followed , but for some reason, they were downloading but still not working . Called my boy again, could not help out.I was on my own. I was beginning to think this thing was defective and thoughts of kicking down Steve’s door down like the transporter flashed briefly through my mind.

I stepped back from it all cause even Roy Jones was forced to lean back. I then noticed behind the many windows i had opened , The download package which had been sitting there. Which i had failed to sift through all the congestion. I did the appropriate shizzle, bada boom bada bing i was in business. Mr Jobs had not gba’d me after all,lol. It has suddenly occurred to me through that episode. That, is exactly how many of us try to get through life. We push, pull, tug all to no avail. Run from pillar to post , call friends and every conceivable person in search of answers and assistance. We try to follow the instruction and fail to acknowledge that the solution has been provided, waiting behind all the clamor of our trying so hard. We fail to read the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth . which is the original instruction manual for mankind, providing the solution to making it all work.


Art by Keith Mallett - Father and Child  www.keithmallett.com
Art by Keith Mallett – Father and Child

Hi Angel

You’ve grown into young lady and i am very proud of where you are. You would soon be venturing out on your own into the world(high school). As you go there are a few thoughts i’d like to share with you

You are entering a world where you would have to encounter many new things and make choices on your own. The world is constantly changing , things are rearranging. What was taboo several years ago has become the norm today. What was appalling and unheard of in the past out,now of political correctness we accept . Morality and decency has taken a plunge, and to follow the fickle view of society, is to jump out of a plane with an anvil instead of a parachute.

There will be so many things that are ‘Socially acceptable’, everybody’s doing it,and you are called a prude or old fashioned if you don’t join in.

But the real question is ‘What is God acceptable?’ That is most important and he has not changed his rules. You may seem “uncool”, when you are not ‘down for whatever’ or wiling to experiment .When they see you don’t compromise,you may stop receiving party invitations or calls to social events but it comes with the territory as an ambassador for Christ.

As a young lady the world may tell you that you have to dress a certain way to be noticed.They tell you that you have to be risqué . They tell you to dress however you like and its a man’s responsibility to look away and control himself. (YES thats true). But your clothing should be a frame for your face and not sensual as a frame for your body. When it becomes sensual you may be causing others to fall. YES he should control himself and is 100% respnsible for his actions, but as a Christian, a lady should not be a catalyst for lust. Sometimes its unconcious, because women and men are wired differently in these matters. But men are very visually and a triggered by what they see. Besides, guys eyes may glow ,and their heads turn on a revealing dress, but their mind is really taking off points for decency,but they’ll never admit it.

When it comes to young men, this is something that you would have to ask the Lord for discernment. There will be the genuine nice ones, and those being nice with hidden intentions. Remember the words “you shall know them by their fruit”. Be cautious not to be swept away by charisma . Personality is wonderful, but character is more essential. Does he live his life according to scripture? Going to church doesn’t make one a Christian ,any more than going to McDonalds makes you a Hamburger.

How does he treat his sister and his mother? This is a giant reflection on who he is and how he will really treat you in the long run.

Still on the issue of guys;the world and pop culture would have you believe that you have to “test the waters”. The well worn “kiss many frogs to find your prince”. Darling all you do when you kiss a frog is end up with bitter slime on your face. You don’t have to be a serial dater, or fall in and out of relationship every few months.Trust me it’s not worth the hurt and pain.

I know, it’s hard in today’s world but dear there are some wonderful words from a song called “Young Love” i heard a long time ago

” take this advice, think twice. When love is done right it could be mighty nice. Take the time out, just to get tight.When two become friends things start out right. Nobody wants somebody , that’s always messing up, cause mess up means break up, and somebody’s got to fix it up. Don’t be so hasty to give up your heart. It’s hard to see intentions at the very start. So pace yourself all the way to the very end , cause this is the reason why God made friends.”

Yes yes, it’s a lot easier said than done. That’s why it’s not done on your own strength. God knows exactly how much you can take and he loves you too much to let you break.

Gotta go now dear , Daddy Loves you

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