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Im Writing for The Guardian, Yay!!!

Happy New Year people!!!

Have i said that already?  Trust you are all excited for the new year and got lots of plans to make some awesome stuff.  Shorts, Webseries, Films, TV shows, etc.

Well, i have some news for you.  I recently became a contributor on The Guardian Nigeria, writing on Film Culture (pauses of applause)

Nothing? Anyone ? Anyone ?

Ok. So check out my articles, buy the physical copies, comment on the digital, comment and share. Lets have  conversations on how we can grow Nigerian Cinema.

Would also, like to hear from you this year.  Yes, YOU ,reading this right now. PLEASE ,leave a comment , even if it just one word. “Hi”  would do.

Here’s to a year making cinetastic content. Have  a great week.

Not all films are meant for the cinema