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Storyboards – How to save your time.

Time is one the most essential assets on a film set. Especially when shooting an indie film you don’t have much time.  You have limited days, limited time in each location(especially if being given for free) and you have a lot of pages to get through.

Trying to verbally explain to your cameraman or cinematographer what you have in your head is tedious, especially if you havent worked together before.  This is where storyboards can come in.

Dont worry, they don’t need to be “professional”, just make a visual representation of what you want to do so they can see it and replicate it as close as possible( as the location allows) .

Not all genres or stories need a storyboard. Not all directors need it and see it as a restriction to letting things play out naturally .

Do what works for you and your production.

Watch to see if you can see how the boards and the film matched each other and save time on a location we had for only a few hours.