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LOGAN – My Thoughts

I seriously doubt any film i see in 2017 will match the balance of action & character depth .

Exploration of such powerful themes: loss,aging,running from your past,legacy,mortality,death,feeling alone,loss of relevance etc  All while still making one of the most brutal films of the last decade

LOGAN plays more like a Western than a movie whose source material is a comic book. Take away the adamantium claws and it could very much be a modern Western; very much like UNFORGIVEN.

It was as if Sam Peckinpah directed this film while consulting with Kurosawa. James Mangold did a brilliant job on the script and directing, i very much look forward to seeing what he does next and going through his previous body of work.

As for  Hugh Jackman. Wow. What a portrayal. Such a layered performance. Vulnerability,Anger with Stubbornness and Compassion. Hope his performance gets recognized come award season cos it may just be one of,if not the best, by the title character of a comic book movie.

New comer Dafne Keen as X-23 aka Laura is a revelation, much like Hit Girl opened doors for Chloe Grace Moretz, this may just open so many doors for her; who gave a great performance of mostly no dialogue.  Personally, i’d like to see a spin off with her and Negasonic Teen Warhead, think Thelma and Louise type road trip.But with this movie set in 2029, it would more likely be Negosonic Middle Aged Warhead, unless they find a DeLorean.

This was a brilliant Goodbye to a beloved character whose previous movies never lived up to what they could have been. LOGAN has more than made up , all is forgiven.