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Dear Nigerian Audience, the power, is yours

Something Wicked, Catch.er, What lies Within, Slow Country, Ojukokoro. These are some of the titles of Nollywood films which came out in 2017, ambitious films which dared to explore other genres in an ecosystem overwhelmed with slapstick comedy and romance inclined films.  Unfortunately people didn’t come out and support them the way they did the […]

Im Writing for The Guardian, Yay!!!

Happy New Year people!!! Have i said that already?  Trust you are all excited for the new year and got lots of plans to make some awesome stuff.  Shorts, Webseries, Films, TV shows, etc. Well, i have some news for you.  I recently became a contributor on The Guardian Nigeria, writing on Film Culture (pauses […]


In filmmaking, cinematography is as much a storytelling tools as the words on a script and actor performance, after all, it has the word CINEMA in it.  The use of shadows and light to create the world, mood, tone and atmosphere is essential in engaging the audience, pulling them into the story, letting them know what […]

Director arth thou

There are diff types of Director: The Spike Lee type, Steve McQueen type, The Tyler Perry type, The Lee Daniels type & the F Gary Gray type. Each different in tone, each with a different level of mastery on the language of cinema. From politically/socially conscious to existential to summer blockbuster to sappy . Some […]


Came across this and thought to share. Though not film related, but i do think that the industry needs talented people like this to created scores and soundtracks. We all have that score that raises our spirits whenever we hear it and makes us nostalgic about the movie, even when it was decades ago we […]

HoAYS and the year of Chiwetal

So the trailer has been out for a few weeks now, (Yeah, i know,this is kinda a Lastma a blog). After all the brohaha surrounding this film,from the casting of Thandie Newton in the lead to the scarcity of Nollywod actors in signficant roles’ to rumors of Genevieve`s scenes hitting the cutting room floor, now […]

Nollywood : A Naysayer’s Swan Song

 So the past few weeks have been a paradigm shifting one for me in how i see Nollywood and the Nigerian film industry. First it was the teaser for “76” by Izu Ojukwu, a story set in the 70’s against the backdrop of the Murtala Mohammed assassination. All i can say is WOW, it looks […]

And for our next trick , we shall……………………..

So there are a lot of changes going on in the Nigerian Film industry. From making home videos we’ve gone to hitting the cinema, not only at home but abroad, with films premiering in the United Kingdom ,the US and even collaborations with East European countries.  However as a huge movie fan, i noticed we […]