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Could this be the emergence of a Naija New Wave?

Cinema has seen various evolutions and movements since its birth, Italian Neorealism, German Expressionism, Third Cinema, Cinema Novo, Nouvelle Vague,Japanese New Wave etc These movement were a contrast and somewhat rebellion to commercial filmmaking, which was all about beautiful stars, box office profit and opening weekend, leading to formulaic films, less risk and everything looking […]

Nollywood New Wave?

Nollywood. We all know the story, well, most of us, ok , a few of us . A business man with a shop full of blank VHS tapes (look it up kids) decided that he wanted to do something with them, and had the epiphany to make a film. He put his team together, got […]

My Story

From a very young age I was an avid reader, this extended to an interest in writing when in Yr5, we were told to write a story as a class assignment. That,was the spark that set my creativity on fire. From that day i was consumed with the passion to write, It became my number […]