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Naija FilmMakers in diaspora telling their story

Representation in recent years has gotten the attention it’s long been denied, with more demands for diversity on-screen and behind the camera being taken seriously; Wonder Woman getting a female director, Black Panther getting a Black Director, Queen Sugar having all female directors, Donald Glover on Atlanta as; star, writer and Executive Producer. Issa Rae […]

Abeg Sharapp, Which one have you made. Mscchewwwww, Hater.

So it’s been a while now, that the world of film said adieu to Roger Ebert, the man that was the poster boy for film criticism. Now, that word critic usually has a negative interpretation to most minds, but I took a look at a dictionary definition which said   “a person who judges the […]

Naija Nu Wave??

A few years ago on my graduation day from a “professional” course. I sat down shooting the breeze with a three fellow fresh graduates. The topic ,”Where do we go from here?” One of the guys mentioned film school and the long desire to pursue directing as a career. The Eureka moment hit me. I […]


So i recently banged out the first-ish draft of a feature screenplay. Not my first, but the first since i became a director with what’s considered a successful short film. Taking a look at the screenplay it’s a drama involving a revolving door of characters all going through one issue or the other in life. […]