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Wow. Been becoming more aware of this condition ,and this video , takes it down, to the “ordinary” man. The guy or girl who may not want stardom, but just loves acting and wants to land great and challenging roles , playing fully dimensional characters. Gives credence to what Chris Rock said about Hollywood being […]

Sodas , Cyanide and Award Winners

So I heard this movie got a standing ovation at a festival last year, and also won a few acting gongs; I came across it recently and decided to check it out…2hrs into the movie the plot had barely kicked in, it had numerous un-necessary characters, and the title character had appeared for less than […]

Started from nothing ..now we here: Roger Corman

STARTED FROM NOTHING is blog series dedicated to the heros and icons of independent cinema. Those whose movies and stories of triumph over odds gave hope and affirmation to aspiring film makers, that they too could do it. Some of them went on to make some of the most renowned film of the last 30-40 […]

The Film Brats and Rise of the Naija Auteur?

In the 70’s , several directors burst into the scene in Hollywood, Steven Speilberg, Francis Ford Copolla,George Lucas,and Martin Scorsese all came out, revolutionizing the cinema experience. These young men that alll just came out of film school with fire in their belly set Hollywood on fire. Speilberg and Lucas created the summer blockbuster with […]

Abeg Sharapp, Which one have you made. Mscchewwwww, Hater.

So it’s been a while now, that the world of film said adieu to Roger Ebert, the man that was the poster boy for film criticism. Now, that word critic usually has a negative interpretation to most minds, but I took a look at a dictionary definition which said   “a person who judges the […]

When Holly met Nolly

Recently there has been an influx of African American and Diaspora based Nigerian actors to Nollywood for collaborations. Ok, maybe not an influx, actually more like a treacle, yeah, that’s it, a treacle of Hollywood actors. From Hakeem Kae Hazim (24,Season 8),Kimberley Elise(Set it off,Dairy of a Mad Black Woman),Isaiah Washington(Grey’s Anatomy,Romeo Must Die) and […]

Cinephile Rant:What’s an African Story??

Im a Cinephile, phewwww, there , i said it.  i LOVE movies, there are few other things i love more than a great movie. In addition to that i’m a film maker myself , so talking shop about movies  the  movies i’d love to make,the one’s i wish i had made and the directors i […]