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Dear Nigerian Audience, the power, is yours

Something Wicked, Catch.er, What lies Within, Slow Country, Ojukokoro. These are some of the titles of Nollywood films which came out in 2017, ambitious films which dared to explore other genres in an ecosystem overwhelmed with slapstick comedy and romance inclined films.  Unfortunately people didn’t come out and support them the way they did the […]


Insomnia grabbed me by the throat one night, so i decided to revisit some of my post production work. Its amazing what just 5 mins of tweaking can do, What can an hour or a day yield ? And this is me just trying out stuff as im not as good as I want at […]

Nollywood and the power to influence(not taken)

A few weeks ago, this came across my twitter timeline. “In Hollywood movies, Russians/Arabs are (Nuclear) terrorists, the Japanese die aimlessly in battle, the Americans are the smart, patriotic, pragmatist who always saves the day. That is how Film is used to brand a country, to shape the social values and worldview (politics) of a […]

FilmMaker, You arent alone in your challenges

Whether its London or Lisbon or Arlington. Indie filmmakers have many similar challenges. Raising finance, limited shoot days, finding favourable theatrical distribution etc. Each country has its own unique environmental and idiosyncratic challenges but the basics are the same. It’s easy to assume that indie filmmakers in the West, have it on easy street due […]


Cinema is a global language, it’s a visual language, that’s why its called MOTION PICTURE.   The use of images to tell a story. Before sound “the talkies” filmmaker could only rely on the picture and cards to tell the story.  Buster Keaton didn’t like the use of card, so he made sure his images told […]


In film criticism, auteur theory holds that a film reflects the director’s personal creative vision, as if they were the primary “auteur” (the French word for “author”). In spite of—and sometimes even because of—the production of the film as part of an industrial process, the auteur’s creative voice is distinct enough to shine through studio […]

Naija FilmMakers in diaspora telling their story

Representation in recent years has gotten the attention it’s long been denied, with more demands for diversity on-screen and behind the camera being taken seriously; Wonder Woman getting a female director, Black Panther getting a Black Director, Queen Sugar having all female directors, Donald Glover on Atlanta as; star, writer and Executive Producer. Issa Rae […]

A Blind Spot Holding Back Indie Filmmakers in Nigeria

Nine out ten kids experienced this growing up. You are engaged in something; watching a great show, reading a great book or playing a video game, and just when it gets to the best part, your mom asks you to go and bring for her an item from her room. As you don’t want to […]

the uncertainty of film

There is a saying in film “Nobody knows anything”. Originating from William Goldman’s Adventure in the Screentrade, it basically means, you could have a massive budget,the world’s biggest stars, a great script, and award-winning director, and the film could still not work out. On the other hand you could have a small budget, no stars, […]


FilmMaking is a tough business to crack financially and creatively. You may have all the ideas but no money, you many have all the money, but can’t put something great together . It’s a little bit of Art,Science and Business . But some people , manage to crack the code, fully or partially, and tell […]