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Insomnia grabbed me by the throat one night, so i decided to revisit some of my post production work.

Its amazing what just 5 mins of tweaking can do, What can an hour or a day yield ? And this is me just trying out stuff as im not as good as I want at color correction etc

I asked, “How can this look better”, how can the aesthetic be enhanced beyond the flat images provided by the camera.

Technology allows us to do so much to digital images these days .

This is by no means a finished work, this is what 5 mins at  3am and exhausted eyes could do.

Work can always be better, pushed a little further.
#filmmaker #Director

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all about the cut 1 – #editing

Its said that there are three stages in which a film is made, Writing, Directing and Editing, the final stage before the audience sees it. This is where the film is shaped, and everything …but if you are reading this you know all that.

Editing makes or breaks a film. The most beautifully shot, wonderfully performed film , well-directed film will fail if the editing fails. The length of shots, the pacing, choice of score, (and of silence) all affects how a film is perceived and affects the viewer. Editing can turn what was meant as drama into comedy. Im going on and on again arent i. Ok, let me illustrate what i mean with something of my own

So i did a short film called BLISS a few years ago. After shooting, we went into post production, my fellow director who DP’d cut a version while my Producer and i worked on one. Eventually we would take a little something from each to get the final version which is this is the version of BLISS that you probably are familiar with

This is an alternate cut by the DP never seen before,by anyone else, outside the production team (the 3 of us) check out the difference

See the difference? Which do you prefer? How did it affect your experience of the story? Comment below, Let me know. If you like this blog and want to see more, click subscribe to see more .

Cinema techniques by Samurai Jack

SAMURAI JACK Samurai Jack is an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network. The series follows time-displaced samurai warrior “Jack” (voiced by Phil LaMarr) in his singular quest to find a method of traveling back in time and defeating the tyrannical demonic wizard Aku (voiced by Mako Iwamatsu) – Source WikiPedia

The cinematography,editing,sound design in this 1:05 video from Samurai Jack S04 Ep 05- The Princess and the Bounty Hunters, is better than most live action movies these days.

The use of Framing and Composition in setting the scene through wide ,landscape shots. To, close ups of the eyes of the attackers, showing their changing emotion. The switching of aspect ration 4:3 to 16:9 , and the changing of the lighting or shall i say, shading , to draw our eyes to certain aspects of the action when it’s slowed down.

The sound design, from the melting ice and dripping water, bookended ,creating tension and showing the level of silence , pre attack , to the sound of his footsteps on the snow , and the clanking of swords and other weapons.

The editing then brings everything together to tell a great visual story, cutting where needs to be cut and allowing our minds to fill in the gap without drawing any undue attention to it’s self.

Granted, this is just 1:05 of a 20 min+ episode, and is actually the last few minutes of the episode, the build up to it , will only make you appreciate the brilliance of this scene even more.

Yes, it’s animated, but the attention to detail, and utilization of  cinematic techniques in the narrative, is a testament to why the show was so loved, respected and considered one of the best animated shows of the last two decades ..or more. and shows that this is someone that clearly knows how to construct and weave together, a cinematic story.






So i recently discovered Vines, i had been hearing about them for a while, and come across a few, but had never actually seriously checked them out, until a few days ago, and all i can say is THEY ARE AWESOME.  There are soooo many talented , hilarious people out there, so many.

These simple 15 second videos are so hilarious that i beleive SNL can learn a lot of lessons from these guys. Before it was YouTube celebrities, and while they still exist, i do believe these “Viners” as they call themselves are the shizz.

Most videos are hilarious portrayals of; thoughts that cross most of our minds, observations on society , relationships, racial  or gender, stereotypes and so much more.

Aside enjoying the videos so much that i watched compilation vids  for almost 2 hours straight, there are a few things that i observed

For what is mostly amateur work, shot mostly on mobile phones, there is a pretty good standard of work . Good shot composition, editing that adds to the comedic narrative, in several cases, some special effects . Brilliant comedic timing.

Many viners who may have 1m+ subscribers of their own, come together and do vines together, sometimes you may see 3-5 popular viners appear in a skit together. There’s no ego, or hogging the spotlight, they all do their part to make the most hilarious vine possible, even though they all have mega individual followings. Now , maybe behind the scenes there is chaos, but as a viewer, i enjoy seeing several of them come together, and from the numerous collaborations, it seems they enjoy making them as i do watching them.

Watching these vines taught me a few things

-While as individuals we can make great work, collaboration can not only make something better, but the combined strenght can create a greater reach

– The story should take priority , not the effizi that you want to show, or any egos that are looking to be massaged, make the best product for your audience.

– Editing , Compostion and timing. These guys make skits that are funnier than a lot of the stuff professional, highly funded sketch shows put out.  With the little resources they make funnier content worth my time than some shows with better equipment.

-Time,Pacing- These Viners working with the 15 second clock,have mastered what screenwriting teachers preach, “Get in late, Leave early” . Dont linger on a scene or shot because it looks cool, but doesnt serve the story; as they say “kill your darlings”. Some things need to hit the cutting room floor for the sake of the entire story.

Now , excuse me, as   they say laughter is the best medicine, im going in for a heavy dose prescription