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Storyboards – How to save your time.

Time is one the most essential assets on a film set. Especially when shooting an indie film you don’t have much time.  You have limited days, limited time in each location(especially if being given for free) and you have a lot of pages to get through. Trying to verbally explain to your cameraman or cinematographer […]


Cinema is a global language, it’s a visual language, that’s why its called MOTION PICTURE.   The use of images to tell a story. Before sound “the talkies” filmmaker could only rely on the picture and cards to tell the story.  Buster Keaton didn’t like the use of card, so he made sure his images told […]


Ok. So lets talk about camera movement. Camera movement is part of the visual language of cinema, and a key part in the screen grammar in the artist kit of a Director, used to tell a story. Unlike in non narrative music videos where movement doesn’t have to be motivated. In narrative story telling , […]


OK, So i decided to do another video essay and this time it’s on FRAMING . Using examples of films by Nigerian Directors . Check it out. If you like what you see and want to see more. Click on the subscribe button, leave comment and if you want to you can support the making […]

Synergy : Working for the awesomeness of Nollywood

So a few years ago I’m on a break between shoots on a cross country road trip for a talent show i was working on; sitting in my hotel room channel surfing and I stumble upon the umpteenth episode of “Pimp my ride” in one week. As usual they’re upgrading an old vehicle,or rather tuke […]

Directing :How Staging can replace dialogue – The Godfather

One of the things about Cinema, is that it’s a visual language, and a lot of this is conducted through staging, blocking, shot composition and editing. When the actors play their part there is also an aura that is projected which enables the viewers psyche to connect dots even when the characters dont say anything. […]

The Life of an Indie filmMaker…the 9th wonder of the world

LOVE THIS VIDEO, very encouraging. Often times in Naija we think we are the only ones that have difficulty financing, making and distributing our films. But the reality is , everyone that is not being financed by the studio system has all those same issues. Even for those financed by the studios, sometimes there is […]


  There’s something about a feature debut that affects a directors career, sometimes that brilliant debut is what launches a director to getting any sort of project he wants to do. He’s given the keys to the city and it becomes his play ground. People like Tarantino and Soderberg experienced this when they arrived on […]

Iconic Characters- In the Performance or Writing that is the Question

A few weeks ago I’m on FaceBook and I come across a question on my time line Film:Characterisation vs Character interpreters. Exactly what goes into creating a memorably remarkable character?” That question got me googling my brain for answers. I sifted through the archive of movies I had seen and analysed them. The analysis raised […]