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Andrew Dosunmu is one of the interesting Nigerian filmmakers working in the international scene. He started as a photographer and later directed music videos forĀ  Talib Kweli, Les Nubians, Angie Stone and others. His background in Art and Fashion Photography influences how he approaches filmmaking in an incredible aesthetic way ; how the frames,composes and […]


Andrew Dosunmu is one of the very interesting Nigerian born filmmakers working in the international scene. His background as a fashion photographer brings a unique representation of his stories and characters which i think are admirable and worth studying. In his two feature films he’s told the stories of African characters in a foreign land […]

Lagos on the Silver Screen? Who can bring it?

If you follow their body of work, you’d notice that Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee have a love for NewYork and this amorous affair is evident in their movies. For Allen, Manhattan is a clear example, Scorcese titled on of his films New York New York and Spike Lee has Do the Right Thing and […]

Black & African Cinema is in good hands

So i recently watched MOTHER OF GEORGE , the Andrew Dosunmu film that won a Cinematography Award at Sundance. Having watched his debut feature RESTLESS CITY a few weeks before seeing MoG, i realize that, like Spike Lee’s penchant for African American stories, Dosunmu has one for the story of Africans in diaspora. His partnership […]


So i’m on facebook the other day,and saw some chatter about Mother of George. Apparently it has won a cinematography award at Sundance. First, it didn’t sink in, until i decided to go to YouTube and check out the trailer again. Then i saw the delicious visual palette on display and i found myself watching […]

FELA BIOPIC New Development

Just the other day i was tweeting and asking ,what kind of film would Andrew Dosumnu make if he decided to shoot in Nigeria. Now we may have an answer, recent news has it , that he’ll be directing a FELA biopic. This come as a surprise as in news through the grapevine over the […]

HoAYS and the year of Chiwetal

So the trailer has been out for a few weeks now, (Yeah, i know,this is kinda a Lastma a blog). After all the brohaha surrounding this film,from the casting of Thandie Newton in the lead to the scarcity of Nollywod actors in signficant roles’ to rumors of Genevieve`s scenes hitting the cutting room floor, now […]