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In filmmaking, cinematography is as much a storytelling tools as the words on a script and actor performance, after all, it has the word CINEMA in it.  The use of shadows and light to create the world, mood, tone and atmosphere is essential in engaging the audience, pulling them into the story, letting them know what […]

Naija FilmMakers in diaspora telling their story

Representation in recent years has gotten the attention it’s long been denied, with more demands for diversity on-screen and behind the camera being taken seriously; Wonder Woman getting a female director, Black Panther getting a Black Director, Queen Sugar having all female directors, Donald Glover on Atlanta as; star, writer and Executive Producer. Issa Rae […]

#ICONS – Ousmane-Sembene

Here is how he was described in a recent Tribeca article : Ousmane Sembène is a name that, by all means, should be uttered in the same breath as Kurosawa, Fellini, Bertolucci, and De Sica. Known to most as the “father of African film,” Sembène is almost inarguably the most essential African director of all […]

#ICONS Souleymane Cisse

KEY FILMS Yeelen(1987) The Wind(1982) The Girl(1975) Here is what Martin Scorcese had to say about him “One night I was watching late-night films on . . . I think it was on Showtime. There was this film called Yeelen [1987]. The picture had just started at 2:30 in the morning, and the image was […]

I nor know say, no be only Nollywood dey make correct feem for Africa

Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. Three of the named film industries in the world,three different continents these three being the largest in terms of volume of films produced. Hollywood (of all the three) has the strongest distribution power to get their films in more countries and cinemas across the continents making sure it’s films dominate and […]

Surfing the New Wave and African Cinema

Through the history of cinema there have been several revolutionary periods, which left their indelible mark on the motion picture industry, and would be milestones for future generations. From the cinematic techniques of shot composition and editing in Sergie Eisenstien’s silent movie, Battleship Potemkin(1925) which is still highly influential in the 21st century. The French […]

Lagos on the Silver Screen? Who can bring it?

If you follow their body of work, you’d notice that Scorsese, Woody Allen, Spike Lee have a love for NewYork and this amorous affair is evident in their movies. For Allen, Manhattan is a clear example, Scorcese titled on of his films New York New York and Spike Lee has Do the Right Thing and […]

Black & African Cinema is in good hands

So i recently watched MOTHER OF GEORGE , the Andrew Dosunmu film that won a Cinematography Award at Sundance. Having watched his debut feature RESTLESS CITY a few weeks before seeing MoG, i realize that, like Spike Lee’s penchant for African American stories, Dosunmu has one for the story of Africans in diaspora. His partnership […]

My Story

From a very young age I was an avid reader, this extended to an interest in writing when in Yr5, we were told to write a story as a class assignment. That,was the spark that set my creativity on fire. From that day i was consumed with the passion to write, It became my number […]