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Dear Aspiring Actor, “Natural Talent” is never enough

If you have seen an audition poster in the last 3 years , chance are , you would have seen the words “naturally talented”, “do you have acting talent” or  “do you want to act” , or some incarnation of that.

Everyday, the belief of “natural talent” being all that is required is a quick sand that sinks ambitious but untrained young people into a quick sand of performance ranging from  atrocious to dull to “who the hell cast him/her”.

While natural talent is a part, like any other skill/profession, training’s essential, to refine that talent into a skill which can then become a profession.

For aspiring actors, there is an opportunity to gain the baby steps.

Actors, Ade Laoye(Hush) and Diana Yekinni (Lunchtime Heroes) have designed a 6 hour workshop to enable aspiring actors and those already working with better skills in their next audition, project, performance.

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