Nollywood gets a lotta s*** for how its films look and frankly, some of it is justified. Some of it was due to an ultra guerilla shooting style. Go in, Get the shot. Move on. No time for precision or precious when the clock is running. Little attention  given to framing, composition, color, tone and […]


Ok. So lets talk about camera movement. Camera movement is part of the visual language of cinema, and a key part in the screen grammar in the artist kit of a Director, used to tell a story. Unlike in non narrative music videos where movement doesn’t have to be motivated. In narrative story telling , […]

Which one have you made(R.I.P)

There is a saying by Archbishop Desmond Tutu “Dont raise your voice, improve your argument” . I think that is a fantastic thought process to apply to any dispute or difference of opinion. Creatives are very defensive of their work, especially when it comes to criticism they feel is harsh,unfair or lacks objectivity. The popular […]


The Wedding Party has become THE highest grossing film in Nigerian box office short history, making over N200m under three weeks . It has been a clear winner with Nigerian audiences with its very relatable wedding affair in which audiences can see themselves,experiences,friends and family. It’s also a shining example of the power of collaboration […]

Synergy : Working for the awesomeness of Nollywood

So a few years ago I’m on a break between shoots on a cross country road trip for a talent show i was working on; sitting in my hotel room channel surfing and I stumble upon the umpteenth episode of “Pimp my ride” in one week. As usual they’re upgrading an old vehicle,or rather tuke […]

HONEY selected for the BFI Blackstar/Beyond Nollywood festival in November

So, my short film HONEY is going to be playing at the BFI Blackstar Beyond Nollywood event in London in November A new generation of Nigerian filmmakers are revolutionising the industry. A 3-day programme of international Nigerian Cinema showcasing a new crop of filmmaker who are revolutionising the industry – beyond Nollywood. From arthouse to […]

Nollywood Single Story?

A while ago, novelist Chimamanda Adichie gave a keynote speech at TED Talks titled “The Danger of a Single Story.” What’s Africa’s single story? The tainted lens through which the news media portrays Africa to the world; mostly starving kids too weak to drive away the flies that swarm them, famine, hunger, water projects etc. […]

that time a Nollywood director got a three picture deal

In the last few year a few Nigerian Born Directors have made waves internationally. Thomas Ikimi with his debut Limbo and it’s follow up Legacy: Black Ops scoring a ,hot off The Wire , Idris Elba as his lead and co-producer. He was nominated for a British Independent Film Award, and won Best Director at […]

Nollywood’s PalmDor Winner

I 100% believe that sometime,somewhere, someone in Nigeria is going to make a kick ass film that would be the sound heard around the cinematic world. (Think:City of God,The Raid,El Mariachi) And it would probably be a N3-N5m budget film,that may not have the highest production value,biggest names or high concept. It could be a […]

..speaking of Auteurs

In film criticism, auteur theory holds that a film reflects the director’s personal creative vision, as if they were the primary “auteur” (the French word for “author”). In spite of—and sometimes even because of—the production of the film as part of an industrial process, the auteur’s creative voice is distinct enough to shine through studio […]