If you’re sitting around thinking what other people think about your work, you’ll just become paralyzed.- Steven Soderbergh

Being a creative there comes a certain level of self doubt and insecurity about your work; that slight trepidation you feel about putting it out there in the world, but as multi Oscar and PalmDor winner, Francis Ford Copolla once said I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing.”

You wont make any home runs if you are afraid that people will laugh at way you swing the bat.

You wont score any goals when worried that people think your run is awkward.

There is valuable feedback and there is worrying about the trivial and failing in advance.


Do the work, put in your very best, ship it and learn from it.

Go forth and be awesome.

What tips do you have for not freezing. What have you done to get out of being scared to show your work?  Comment and lets know.  Lets help each other.


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