Making films has got to be one of the hardest endeavors known to humankind. Straight up and down, film work is hard shit.- Spike Lee


No matter what the budget or resources you have it is incredibly hard to pull off.  So you need to take care of your mind and the stories you tell yourself about your abilities, situation and craft,

You also audit who you allow in your circle and who you share your dreams. There are those who will only remind you and evangelize on how Nigeria wont let you be great and its impossible to do certain qualities etc  Those with a fixation on the negatives and after a while it becomes a psychological default that blocks the mind from coming up with solutions.  It soon allow you to give up and blame resources, the environment and external factors(which could be valid) for something that a little innovation, brain storming could solve.

Film is already difficult, dont surround yourself  with people who throw water on your fire of enthusiasm and positivity by talking about impossibilities. Who are cynical and pessimistic about everything. Who respond to every things with “this is Naija it can’t” “people will not” , “Nigerians only want….”  to anything.

Should you listen to feedback? YES, but be selective.

Now for the record, there is a difference between Optimism and Delusion. Some negativity is reality, they are the facts on ground. But some are just fixation of pessimism to justify failing in expectations or quality.

Enviromental factor and human factor make a lot of things harder than they need to be, things can be frustrating but there is a certain wavelength you need to keep, uninterupted if you are going to make certain types  of films in this environment. Others have done it here, so can you.

The environment is not going to change anytime soon, indie film will get even more challenging even as the digital tools get better and it gets harder to stand out from the noise.

The question is; What will you do to keep your mind excited and driven to  keep making great work?


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