Making a $6000(N2m and some kobo) film

I always find it impressive when a filmmaker can pull off a film for a low-budget and make it looks almost as good as something shot for 10 or 20 times the budget. Luckily there are podcasts by some of these people showing how they did it.

Here is the trailer for Josh Caldwell’s LAYOVER whose entire shooting budget was $6000

Listen to how he pulled it off in this interview with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle

Dont dwell on how his environment is much easier to get away with some of these things. Take what works and can be applied and use it,discard what isnt transferable .

Nigerian filmmakers like Abba Makama,Kenneth Gyang, Eric Aghimen, CJ Obasi, Ifeoma Chukwuogo,Walter Tayleur, Michael Onumwa, Tolu Ajayi, Tope Oshin,Nadine Ibrahim,Ishaya Bako and others, have been able to  pull off really interesting work with very limited budgets on shorts and features.

Take inspiration from wherever you can get it .


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