FilmMaker, You arent alone in your challenges

Whether its London or Lisbon or Arlington. Indie filmmakers have many similar challenges. Raising finance, limited shoot days, finding favourable theatrical distribution etc.

Each country has its own unique environmental and idiosyncratic challenges but the basics are the same. It’s easy to assume that indie filmmakers in the West, have it on easy street due to their environment, and YES , some have it easier than others. Some are more enabling than others ,especially shooting exteriors and power situation. But its encouraging to see how others overcome their challenges and know that you aren’t alone

For the forseeable future, challenges like Finance, Government support, enabling environment, distribution are not going to change anytime soon. So if we want to make films we will have to work around those issues or just give up and go work in a cubicle with AC, cafeteria and a guaranteed salary.

In the same USA where Hollywood makes movies where the feeding budget can be in the millions, there are indie films whose entire budget is under $10,000.

Josh Caldwell’s  Layover – $6,000

Shane Carruth’s Sundance Winner Primer – $7,000

Edward Burns Newlyweds- $9000

Dont fall into the assumption that every filmmaker in the West has automatic access to all the equipment, gear, locations and abundance of shoot days. Its simply not true. We dont hear about them like we would those who make studio films, but these people exist.

Watch how Actor/Writer/Director/Producer speak on how he made the films he wanted to make in spite of the many financial and distribution challenges.

If you chose to discount this as oyibo advice that doesn’t understand the Nigerian situation, and his environment is enabling and can’t compare and Yankee is this and Jand is that, and Naija is hell . Well, i cant help you there.


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