Self doubt is something which a lot of creative people from pursuing their craft, going after or accepting certain projects or opportunities etc.  There is the feeling of not being good enough and you will be found out (Imposter Syndrome) . Listening to podcasts and hearing a legend like Francis Ford Copolla talk about his own insecurities as a young filmmaker brought a lot of comfort to me as its something i personally understand.

Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t continuously improve and focus on making our craft the best it can . But it also means not allowing those insecurities paralyze you from doing anything. Sometime it better at the start to do it and suck and then learn that and do it better, than not to do anything at all.

If you wait till you are able to make a film as “perfect” as those films you love and admire. You will be waiting forever. Steven Pressfield called it “the resistance”. The part of your brain which justifies not taking that action, that step or embarking on that project.

Admittedly, the resistance still gets me and looking back it had me in a submission hold (think Bret Hart’s sharpshooter) for many years.  Dont let it get a hold of you. To some extent that fear is what makes you strive to be better, which is certainly better than the Dunning Kruger effect, something you should pray you never have.


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