This is a lesson i took a little too long to learn. As you start,  especially on no to low-budget shorts,web series(or maybe even features) you will be working with people for no money or very little, because you are all looking to make something great and put your name out there. As Director this may affect how you control your set as you feel people are there doing you a favour(some are)

If you are too polite or too cautious in asking for what you need from an actor or crew member, too timid because you think you are demanding too much for them because you aren’t paying or paying little. I GUARANTEE you will not get the best results.

I know this type of regret.

They have agreed to help out and make the project,.

I’m NOT suggesting you act like a jerk embarrassing anyone, but while you are there, get the best out of everyone.

Few things suck more than getting into the edit and wishing you had an extra take or a different performance you didn’t ask for. Seeing a set up which if you had pushed for it, would have been lit better. Seeing something in the rushes that bugged you but you didn’t want to seem pushy by pointing it out.

If on set spending that time, then within reason and respect do what you need to do to get the best out of everyone, including yourself.

I’m NOT suggesting acting like a  tyrant on set; even if you are paying people 7 figures, you don’t want that type of atmosphere where people feel threatened, disrespected or  unappreciated.

DONT be a jackass , i no send you message.  BUT, take control, help them catch the vision, be the coach to bring out the best from everyone,

Believe me, when the result is something everyone is proud of, you will be glad you did.


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