Filmspiration – Bumping the Lamp

In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit,  there is a scene where the detective  played by Bob Hoskins bumps the overhead lamp and it swings, casting a shadow on him, but not on the animated character in the same frame. When the Director, Robert Zemeckis watched this , he ordered the scene be reanimated to have the shadow and lamp movement also affect the animated character so its more realistic.  It would take hours and a lot of effort to re-animate but they did ,It was a small scene which 99.9% of viewers wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t care. But to Zemeckis, that tiny detail mattered. Thus the term, “Bumping the Lamp”.

That level of detail takes effort and a lot of time. But that level of attention to detail is what distinct one thing from the other, as seen in the works of filmmakers like David Fincher and Stanley Kubrick.

Disney adopted the philosophy of Bumping the Lamp to teach new and existing employees to go the extra mile and pay attention to detail that nobody else may notice. Go the extra mile and do a bit more than expected.

Even if others wont notice, we should decide to bump the lamp. Put in that level of detail which is for our own satisfaction. Something i aim to start doing.


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  1. Attention to detail cost money, but most importantly, it costs attention and time, a commodity that is increasingly becoming very scare in today’s world.

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