FILMSPIRATION #2 – No Film School? No Problem

You don’t have to go to film school to become a great filmMaker.

While it does help A LOT , what is most important is a love for cinema and a desire to tell stories.  Once you have those two, the rest will be much easier to pick up.  It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in something unrelated.  You aren’t the first and wont me the last. If cinema is in your blood, you don’t need a piece of paper to certify you to make great films.

Study cinema, increase your knowledge of cinematic narrative.  Tell your story in a way only you can tell it using the language of cinema.

Shane Carruth spent  5 weeks shooting PRIMER with a crew of 5 made up of friends and family. Shooting at a 2:1 ratio cos film stock(16mm) was so little. He storyboarded every shot.

Post Post Production? That took 2 years. You don’t stick to a project not making you money that long if its not driven by love. The $7,000 budget Sundance winner is hailed as the most exact time travel film ever made.  #BeFilmspired


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