His background in photography has made Andrew Dosunmu a very artistic filmmaker with an exceptional way of capturing black skin. His films about African immigrants in the U.S; Restless City & Mother of George have won Cinematography awards at Sundance. At a point Dosunmu replaced Steve McQueen as the Director to make the Fela biopic.

Mother of George, revealed his unique way of telling a specific Nigerian story , and he clearly has a love for telling the African story. While the biopic has gone quiet,It would be great to see what he can bring to Nigerian stories , shot in Nigeria.


He’s a Nigerian film maker based in South Africa. He has made amazing films like, MAN ON GROUND and VAYA .

His film, Man on Ground, a story about a Nigerian in South Africa facing xenophobia was a powerful insight into a serious social issue.

He has shown a talent for telling complex stories in diverse genres. Set to make a film in Nigeria in 2017 it’s something to be excited about.


She directed the hilarious GONE TOO FAR, adapted for the screen from Bola Abaje’s award winning stage play. A story of culture clash/identity between two brothers, one raised in Lagos and the other raised in London. The duo when sent on an errand run into an assortment of crazy characters out to get them.

The London based filmmaker is only the third female to have a feature film theatrically released in the United Kindgom. She was named by BAFTA as a Breakthrough Brit in 2015.

There are plans to make a sequel to the successful comedy, this time set in Lagos. With her great sense of comedy, which sells quite well in Naija. It would be fun to see a neighbourhood in Lagos be turned into their playground.


Thomas Ikimi has shown a skill for making psychological dramas ,with films like Limbo, & Legacy: Black Ops .

Fun fact,: after failing to raise the money for LEGACY:Black Ops (starring Idris Elba) in the United Kingdom, he came back to Nigeria and raised the entire production and post production budget of an estimated $500,000.

As there is a need for genre diversity, and intelligence dramas , the types of stories he tells would be a welcome addition to the growth and evolution of the industry .


In 2016 Rick Famuyiwa (Brown Sugar) was tapped to direct DC’s The Flash before leaving the project due to creative differences . Earlier his film DOPE made a splash at Sundance , with the coming of age tale of a Nigerian American teen and his friends about to graduate high school, who get involved with the wrong set of people .

If you saw DOPE, you know how awesome it was. Imagine that sensibility brought to stories about Aje Butter Island kids in Lagos getting lost in a mainland Ghetto and the hijinks which can ensue.


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