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Im a Writer/Director. I have an M.A in Creative&Cultural Industries from London Metropolitan University, Diploma in Digital FilmMaking from SAE London and im an eternal student of Cinema and the school of DVD Extras,Director’s Commentary and Behind the scenes,which actually, is REALLY my greatest learning source.

Several things interest me which i write about, mostly film, but also some random thoughts, insights and reflections , which you can see in the different categories .

Living and learning, or rather learning and living. Im a bit internal but once u get to know me im a like Stanley Ipkiss turned to the mask…ok not such a drastic change…ok not even close.

Love God and do my best to live for him ( by his Grace) . Totally in love with cinema and for a film maker surprisingly conservative as u’d come to notice. So that’s me. So catch u on the flipside.

…or you can catch me on Twitter :oludascribe

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  1. “You are one of the rare Nigerians that reasures my pride as a Nigerian, God bless you all the way”

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