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So, BBC World Service reached out for an interview and we talked about #BlackPanther and what it means to me from the perspective of a Nigerian/African, and what it could mean for the future.

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Video essay  

Short Films 

Rise of the Urban Ninja

Ok, here is that Guardian Article

The essence of visual storytelling


Insomnia grabbed me by the throat one night, so i decided to revisit some of my post production work.

Its amazing what just 5 mins of tweaking can do, What can an hour or a day yield ? And this is me just trying out stuff as im not as good as I want at color correction etc

I asked, “How can this look better”, how can the aesthetic be enhanced beyond the flat images provided by the camera.

Technology allows us to do so much to digital images these days .

This is by no means a finished work, this is what 5 mins at  3am and exhausted eyes could do.

Work can always be better, pushed a little further.
#filmmaker #Director

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Interview with my Alma Mater

So, my alumni reached out for an interview.

Navel gazing is not very fun for me  but  reflecting on my journey so far, so far cos there is still a long road ahead;  one is grateful, despite the valleys, hurdles and frustrations;  to work as a filmmaker for a living. Many finish film school and that’s were it ends for them .

It not easy, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Good work alone wont get you where you want to go.  Some will hit their targets faster than others but each journey is different.

Here is the interview

Storyboards – How to save your time.

Time is one the most essential assets on a film set. Especially when shooting an indie film you don’t have much time.  You have limited days, limited time in each location(especially if being given for free) and you have a lot of pages to get through.

Trying to verbally explain to your cameraman or cinematographer what you have in your head is tedious, especially if you havent worked together before.  This is where storyboards can come in.

Dont worry, they don’t need to be “professional”, just make a visual representation of what you want to do so they can see it and replicate it as close as possible( as the location allows) .

Not all genres or stories need a storyboard. Not all directors need it and see it as a restriction to letting things play out naturally .

Do what works for you and your production.

Watch to see if you can see how the boards and the film matched each other and save time on a location we had for only a few hours.

Im Writing for The Guardian, Yay!!!

Happy New Year people!!!

Have i said that already?  Trust you are all excited for the new year and got lots of plans to make some awesome stuff.  Shorts, Webseries, Films, TV shows, etc.

Well, i have some news for you.  I recently became a contributor on The Guardian Nigeria, writing on Film Culture (pauses of applause)

Nothing? Anyone ? Anyone ?

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Not all films are meant for the cinema




In filmmaking, cinematography is as much a storytelling tools as the words on a script and actor performance, after all, it has the word CINEMA in it.  The use of shadows and light to create the world, mood, tone and atmosphere is essential in engaging the audience, pulling them into the story, letting them know what to expecting and making them feel how you want them to feel.

Certain genres like noir,thrillers and horror use shadow and light more than others but they work in any genre depending on the aims of the storyteller.

Proper use of shadow and light will elevate your cinematic storytelling.


It took me a while to like my work.  Even when people told me they liked it, it never was up to where I saw myself or where my aspirations reach . It was not as good as what I admired.

Guess what! It never would be ….at the beginning. When you start, it wont be great and that is NORMAL.  The key is to keep growing, keep learning , keep putting in the work. It’s all part of the creative process.

No writer, director or cinematographer you admire made the work you admire at the very start.  They had to go through the same process of work sucking, levels of failure and things not being as good as they wanted. But they kept going .

Build together with friends at the same level

It’s important to Network Across and help each other out. Do this with discernment,choose wisely as not everyone will have good intent or be willing to return. But sometimes those you grow together with will be the most important creative allies you can form than trying to reach those already ahead of you.

Dont always try to go for those ahead of you, but find those with similar visions and as much desire as you and build together, grow together.

God, Cinema, Life and all that jazz